Ever After Widowed

Ever After Widowed grief support group for
young widows & widowers with children

Welcome to Ever After Widowed. This site is designed for the benefit
of young widows and widowers with children. The forum is intended as
a place where people can express their emotions in a non-judgemental
environment, a place to share our stories and develop a network of
friendships. After the loss of a partner, we are faced with the double
task of dealing with our own grief and helping our children deal with

If you need a supportive ear or just to talk about your emotions, visit
our forum. The members of our forum have had different experiences
of bereavement and have lost their loved ones in different
circumstances. We want to acknowledge that grieving the loss of a
partner is equally devastating regardless of marital status. Although
the site is geared towards widowed people with children, we welcome
all widows and widowers. It is our intention to bring hope and comfort
to others on their journey through the grief process.

This site is dedicated to the memory of
Nick Pont and Dan Carr
Who are forever in our hearts and continue to inspire us.

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"After losing my husband in 2006, I wondered how life would ever make sense again. Without the Ever After support group I'm really not sure how I would have made sense of my experience. Death makes everything so disorientated, but having like-minded people travelling the same road, expressing the same disillusionment helped me rationalise and understand my emotions. It was the one place I felt like I had complete understanding with non-judgmental people, trying to survive, just like me."

"I was 10 months into my journey after the loss of my partner. I was lost and alone and questioning my sanity. That is when I found Ever After and began to read the posts of all those who have experienced this trauma before me. The words, wisdom and knowledge of the members helped me to understand that what I was experiencing was normal and acceptable. The Site has helped me to develop strategies to manage my problems and to voice my own thoughts and in turn offer some form of help and advice to those who have come after me."

"Ever After gave me a sense of belonging. EA provided a new family, a collection of people with similar experiences, shared emotions and thought processes. Members are able to listen, comment and support each other. It offered a safe location to truly purge without fears. EA was invaluable to me and my healing. I will forever be grateful for the creators of this website forum and the other members."
Kerri Ann